• 03/08/20
    • 09:00

    Informa Connect: EU Competition Law Summer School

    Pat Treacy will be chairing Day 3 of this year's EU Law Summer School. Gain a firm understanding of EU competition law and build on the fundamentals through multi-format sessions to shape practical strategies and address current challenges.

    • 28/07/20
    • 09:00

    Informa Connect: IT Law Summer School

    Partners Pat Treacy and Mark Watts, as well as senior counsel Christopher Millard and senior associate Hannah Crowther will all be speaking at this year’s Informa Connect IT Law Summer School.

    • 15/07/20
    • 14:00

    Pharmaceutical round-up: competition, regulation and COVID-19

    Join our Partner Pat Treacy as she chairs this Brick Court Chambers webinar.

    • 10/07/20
    • 12:30

    MBL webinar: IP improvements in technology licensing arrangements – The key issues

    Partner Claire Smith will be giving a webinar on the key issues with IP improvements in technology licensing arrangements.

    • 08/07/20
    • 16:00

    Transparency – How to get the message across

    Why is it so hard to explain how we use personal data? Join partner and host Robert Bond, alongside experts Julia Porter, partner at Data Protection Network Associates (DPN) and Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) as they give guidance, tools and techniques on how to get this message across.

    • 02/07/20
    • 09:00

    Competition Law & Vertical Restraints – Key issues and latest cases

    Associate Francion Brooks will be presenting a webinar on the key issues and latest cases in relation to 'Competition Law & Vertical Restraints'.

    • 02/07/20
    • 12:00

    SCL webinar: Celebrating Women in Tech Law – The Reunion

    Partner Anna Cook will be on this panel, joining the speakers to talk about current roles, why they love practising technology law, how they deal with challenges and share top tips for junior lawyers and students.

    • 23/06/20
    • 16:00

    Medical device regulation (MDR) and cyber security

    Join Alex Denoon, Marc Dautlich and Charlie Hawes alongside expert panellists from Aon's Cyber Solutions team, who will be discussing the Medical Device Co-ordination Group's Guidance on cyber security for medical devices.

    • 28/05/20
    • 15:00

    New approaches to negotiating outsourcing contracts and the role of the lawyer

    Vik Khurana will be on a panel of specialist speakers at this Society for Computers and Law (SCL) webinar.

    • 28/05/20
    • 18:30

    The latest on competition law in the COVID-19 context

    In this Union Internationale de Avocats (UIA) webinar, Sophie Lawrance will join fellow expert panelists to discuss the latest on competition law in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • 20/05/20
    • 13:00

    Learn live: IP licensing & EU competition law

    Francion Brooks will be  hosting this seminar, aimed at those who wish to further their understanding of the treatment of IP licensing under EU competition law, and who want to learn how to craft IP licences in a way that minimises competition law risk.

    • 08/04/20
    • 16:00

    DPIAs: The what, when and how of data protection impact assessments

    Robert Bond will be hosting this webinar on data protection impact assessment.

    • 23/03/20
    • 09:15

    Patent review of the year seminar

    To mark the launch of our annual Patent Review of the Year publication, we will record and distribute a video where we provide a concise summary of the most important developments, statistics and Top 10 cases from the English patents courts from 2019.

    • 09/03/20
    • 15:30

    In conversation with Vint Cerf

    Bristows is pleased to invite you to join us for a special event, during which Partner Robert Bond will dive into a fascinating conversation with Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, Dr Vint Cerf.

    • 11/02/20
    • 13:30

    MBL learn live – IT outsourcing agreements: Key issues & industry trends

    Adrian Sim will be presenting a live broadcast session on IT outsourcing deals and the latest industry trends, including the key issues which arise in today’s deals and how to navigate them.

    • 10/12/19
    • 13:30

    JIPLP-GRUR Conference: The future of IP in a changing world

    This year JIPLP and GRUR will jointly organise yet another exciting event to discuss the future of IP in a changing world. Pat Treacy will be speaking on a panel exploring 'The future of patents'.

    • 05/12/19
    • 08:00

    Clinical trial disclosure and data transparency conference

    Hannah Crowther will be speaking in session 8 at 3pm at this two day conference starting on Wednesday 4 December.

    • 04/12/19
    • 08:30

    Knect365: Competition law in the pharmaceutical sector

    Pat Treacy will be speaking alongside Alexandru Potlog (AbbVie Ltd) on the topic of "Distribution, Parallel Trade & Vertical Agreements".

    • 26/11/19
    • 16:00

    Are you keeping personal data longer than you need it?

    Robert Bond hosts this DPN webinar on storing personal data for longer than required.

    • 20/11/19
    • 12:30

    SCL Outsourcing Masterclass

    Vikram Khurana will be speaking on "Incentivisation" at this half day masterclass devoted to outsourcing.

    • 19/11/19
    • 18:00

    MBC – AI: Another think coming?

    Vikram Khurana will be speaking at this Midtown Business Club event, presenting the findings from Bristows’ public survey and discussing data issues.

    • 12/11/19
    • 18:00

    Bristows Life Sciences Debate “The Quest for the perfect human..?”

    Bristows is organising an evening of debate on the subject of human genome editing at The Royal Society in London on 12 November 2019. Panellists include Dr Nessa Carey (Imperial College), Dr Helen O'Neill (UCL), Dr Rodger Novak (CRISPR Therapeutics) and the moderator is Baroness Joan Bakewell.

    • 12/11/19
    • 08:30

    Foss Patents: Component-Level SEP Licensing

    This conference will discuss standard-essential patents and whether component makers should receive exhaustive licenses - if so, on what terms.

    • 11/11/19
    • 09:00

    CIPA Life Science Conference 2019

    Partners Dominic Adair, Liz Cohen, Gemma Barret and Robert Burrows will be attending the CIPA Life Sciences conference.

    • 11/11/19
    • 09:00


    Partner Matthew Warren and senior associate Ellen Lambrix will be attending the 25th Annual Bio-Europe conference from the 10 - 13 November.

    • 06/11/19
    • 09:00

    LES Benelux

    Claire Smith will be speaking on 'IP improvements in licensing' at LES Benelux.

    • 21/10/19
    • 14:00

    MBL workshop: IP licensing & competition law

    Pat Treacy and Francion Brooks will be conducting a workshop on ‘IP Licensing & Competition Law’. For many businesses, IP rights are valuable assets – and licensing is one of the main ways of exploiting them.

    • 14/10/19
    • 08:30

    C5 Life Sciences IP Summit 2019

    Dominic Adair will be speaking at a workshop titled: ‘International Biosimilars Think Tank: Exploring the Biosimilar Landscape in the U.S. and Europe’.

    • 09/10/19
    • 16:00

    Protecting children’s privacy online: legal & ethical responsibilities

    In this Data Protection Network webinar, hosted by Robert Bond, a panel will discuss the ICO’s draft Age Appropriate Design Code, the GDPR and other regulatory guidance

    • 09/10/19
    • 18:15

    David Olusoga OBE – The Significance of Black History Month Today

    Described by The Times as "Britain's coolest, most engaging, and perhaps, most serious TV historian", David Olusoga OBE is an expert in the field of colonialism and the history of race. We are delighted to be hosting David this year at our offices. Invite only.

    • 08/10/19
    • 08:30

    GCR Live 2nd Annual IP, Antitrust & Innovation

    Pat Treacy will be a panellist for the following topic: ‘Licensing of SEPs: same old or brave new world? The practitioners' perspective’.

    • 25/09/19
    • 09:00

    SMi 10th Biosimilars Conference 2019

    Dom Adair is unable to attend this year so Gregory Bacon will take over the role.

    • 25/09/19
    • 18:00

    BioWednesday London: The evolution of funding and support for early stage research

    Laura Anderson will be chairing this seminar which will look at different models for supporting the translation/commercialisation of early stage research and technology which are shaping the life science sector today.

    • 22/09/19
    • 09:00

    IBA Annual Conference 2019

    The 2019 IBA Annual Conference in Seoul will feature over 200 conference sessions. Chris Holder will be attending.

    • 20/09/19
    • 08:30

    MLex, Freshfields and Brick Court Chambers Competition Litigation Conference

    Pat Treacy will be a panellist at this Competition Litigation Conference.

    • 17/09/19
    • 09:00

    BIA Regulatory Innovation Conference

    Eleanor Handy and Xisca Borrás will be attending this year’s BIA Conference on 17th September in London, titled ‘Innovation and regulatory science in an evolving environment’.

    • 16/09/19
    • 13:00

    MBL webinar: IP licensing & EU competition law

    For many businesses, IP rights are valuable assets - and licensing is one of the main ways of exploiting them. Francion Brooks will be conducting a webinar on ‘IP licensing & EU competition law’.

    • 11/09/19
    • 09:30

    LES Pan-European Conference 2019

    New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things, as well as the development of nano-science, are bringing new challenges and opportunities to the Intellectual Property and Licensing industry. At this conference spanning across 2 days, Pat Treacy will be be speaking about "Technology Transfer BER".

    • 07/08/19
    • 08:00

    Knect365 EU Competition Law Summer School

    Covering all areas of competition law, this event is tailored to the needs of professionals who require a solid foundation in EU competition law and practice.

    • 30/07/19
    • 08:00

    Knect365 IT Law Summer School

    Now in its 22nd year, the IT Law Summer School remains the fundamental event to hear from some of the most respected legal minds from across industry and private practice.

    • 12/06/19
    • 18:00

    Transforming banking: a fintech success story

    Whether you are a large bank or organisation that needs a digital reboot or a fintech providing the solutions to old, outdated legacy systems there’s no doubt that transforming banking is challenging. What does a successful deal look like and how do you avoid the bear traps particularly when coming at it from different perspectives and cultures?

    • 20/03/19
    • 13:00

    Brexit and its impact on the Biotech and Medtech Sectors

    Robert Bond and Alex Denoon will be speaking at this webinar on Brexit and its impact on the Biotech and Medtech Sectors.

    • 11/12/18
    • 15:00

    What does Brexit mean for the life sciences sector? A regulatory law perspective

    In this Lexology webinar, Bristows’ experts will examine the regulatory law implications of Brexit for the life sciences industry, with a focus on medicinal products, medical devices and product liability.

    • 16/11/17
    • 14:00

    Standards, Patents and Competition Law – A Guide to Litigating SEPs

    Standard Essential Patent ('SEP') litigation including FRAND licensing and related competition law issues has been a prevalent feature of global patent litigation for the past couple of decades.