UK & EU Competition Law webinar

  • 26/05/17
  • 12:30

Event Information

In this webinar, Pat Treacy and Sophie Lawrance of Bristows will provide an update on the situations when IP practitioners need to take note of competition law issues in the UK/EU. The webinar will give a brief introduction to the interrelationship of patent law and competition law and the legal framework for the latter. It will then give a round-up of the recent case law before the competition authorities and courts, including on licensing and no-challenge provisions (Genentech judgment of the Court of Justice), exclusive patent licensing terms (Qualcomm investigations) and patent settlement agreements (e.g. Citalopram case before the General Court; Paroxetine case before the CMA). SEP / FRAND cases before the English courts will also be considered – notably the impact of the Unwired Planet v. Huawei litigation and the Samsung v. Ericsson judgment on FRAND transfers in the Court of Appeal. Finally, the discussion will also look at the policy agenda of the competition authorities and developments outside the EU, both of which may have an impact on patent rich companies and their advisors. Notable topics in this area include life cycle extension strategies (‘product hopping’), privateering and initiatives relating to FRAND/SEPs, including for 5G and the Internet of Things. In each case, the webinar will focus on practical issues for practitioners, and will seek to raise awareness of when competition law intervention may be a risk
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