Competition Law & Vertical Restraints – Key issues and latest cases

  • 02/07/20
  • 09:00
  • MBL Learn Live

Event Information

For many businesses, establishing effective distribution networks is an integral means of remaining competitive in the market. However, such networks have faced increased scrutiny from the competition law authorities in recent years resulting in greater uncertainty.

This live broadcast session is designed for those who wish to further their understanding of the treatment of distribution and other vertical agreements under EU competition law, and who want to learn how to craft such agreements in a way that reduces competition law risk.

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This webinar will explore:

  • The Competition Law Framework for Vertical Agreements
    • Prohibition of anticompetitive agreements (Article 101 TFEU) and the block exemption ‘safe harbours’
    • The Vertical Agreements Block Exemption (VABE) and accompanying guidelines – purpose and scope
    • Prohibition of abuses of a dominant position (Article 102 TFEU)
    • Consequences of breaching competition law
  • Competition Law Issues in Vertical Agreements
    • Types of distribution
    • Issues to watch out
    • Selective distribution (Coty)
    • Resale price maintenance
    • Issues in online distribution (Ping, Beauty Bay, Guess)
    • Algorithms and price harmonisation
    • Geo-blocking

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Francion Brooks

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