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Bristows Alumni Network
We place great stock in those who work at Bristows, which is why we take pains to attract and retain talented people.  But sometimes good things do come to an end and people move on to new experiences. We don’t see this as any reason to say goodbye, however, so we have created a community for our alumni that will help them keep in touch with us and each other wherever they may roam.

The Bristows Alumni Network welcomes former and current Bristows employees and is designed as a community for sharing knowledge, strengthening contacts or just catching up with old friends while making new ones.  It centres on online social networking tools such as LinkedIn and we encourage you to join our exclusive groups on these sites. We also invite you to sign up for publications, events and seminars through the Bristows site by clicking HERE.

Benefits of participating in the Bristows Alumni Programme include:

  • expanded network – building connections with former colleagues and new contacts;
  • social events – exclusive alumni events giving you a chance to reconnect with former colleagues;
  • education and information sharing – access to alerts, news and seminars that are useful to you; and
  • firm news – newsletters and updates highlighting what is going on with Bristows today such as new hires, CSR activities, etc.

Staying Connected

Click on the links below to find the Bristows Alumni page on LinkedIn and to sign up to our groups.

Staying Informed

Click on the links below for information about some of our events, and copies of our publications.

Events & seminars

News & publications

Finally, this is your network and we want it to work for you. So if you have any ideas about how to make the Bristows Alumni Network better, we’d love to hear it. To share your thoughts and ideas or to update your contacts details, please email May Worvill HERE.

Bristows Compliance Information

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