LESI 2021 Annual Conference: Maximizing the value of innovation in an era of convergence

  • 27/05/21
  • 12:00
  • Virtual Conference
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Event Information

In this year’s virtual LESI conference spanning over two days, our partners will come together with fellow industry leaders to discuss what has changed as a result of COVID-19, what new models are successful, and what fundamentals still exist?

  • Andrew Bowler will be the moderator for session 2: Socially Necessary Licensing of Technologies (Thursday 27 May, 13:10 BST )

Panelists: Judge Randy Rader (Rader Group), Teresa Stanek Rea (C&M International), Francis Gurry (IPH Limited) and Larry Horn (MPEG LA)

  • Rachel Mumby will be a panelist in session 15: Hot Topics regarding Preliminary Injunctions (Thursday 27 May, 21:20 BST)

Moderator: Alexander Haertel (Bardehle Pagenberg)

  • Sophie Lawrance will be a panelist in session 28: Validity and Necessity of Out-of-Jurisdiction Judgments including Anti-Suit Injunctions (Friday 28 May, 06:30 BST)

Moderator: Ken-ichi Nagasawa (Canon)

  • Richard Pinckney will be a panelist in session 34: Multijurisdictional Patent Disputes – How to coordinate from an evidence gathering perspective (Friday 28 May, 10:30 BST)

Moderator: JeanHyacinthe De Mitry (Gide)

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