The European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy & E-Commerce

  • 22/09/17
  • 14:00

Event Information

In May 2015, the European Commission published its Digital Single Market strategy aimed at encouraging greater cross-border trade by opening up digital opportunities. It covers a wide range of initiatives, from VAT to modernisation of copyright rules.
In order to further understand any competition concerns affecting the e-commerce markets, the Commission launched an inquiry in May 2015 and published its Preliminary Report in September 2016. The Final Report, incorporating consultation comments, is due the first half of this year.
This workshop is designed for those who wish to understand the Digital Market Strategy, with a focus on the competition elements, including geo-blocking and resale price maintenance. Anyone involved in advising companies with interests in digital business or in selling using digital channels will benefit from attending.
What You Will Learn
The workshop will cover the following topics:
• The basics
o Three pillars of the Digital Single Market
o The 16 specific initiatives in the Commission’s strategy
o Procedure from proposal to legislation
o Impact of Brexit
• The e-commerce sector inquiry
o Questions and respondents
o Cross-border access
o Pricing
o Distribution
• Geo-blocking
o Geo-blocking and unjustified geo-blocking
o Initial findings on geo-blocking
o The draft Regulation
o Issues for businesses
• Resale Price Maintenance
o The general prohibition
o E-books investigation
o European divergence
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