Drafting and negotiating clinical trial agreements training course

  • 26/02/21
  • 09:00
  • Webinar
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Partners Alex Denoon and Richard Dickinson will be presenting Falconbury’s training course on ‘Drafting and negotiating clinical trial agreements’.

The life science sector is heavily regulated and CTAs are some of the most important agreements for companies operating in this sector. Having appropriate CTAs in place is therefore essential for managing relationships between the different stakeholders, and apportioning risk and responsibilities between them. If appropriate contractual arrangements are not in place, a clinical trial may not receive approval or issues may arise with the integrity or validity of the data collected. Further, disputes between the parties can arise if responsibilities are not clearly defined in the agreement.

Key topics covered in this intensive and interactive seminar:

  • An overview of the legal, ethical and policy considerations that underpin the conduct clinical trials as these affect how the terms of clinical trials agreements are drafted
  • Recognising and dealing with key commercial and regulatory issues (including in particular relating to Brexit and the “flexibilities” adopted during the pandemic) that arise when drafting clinical trials agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating techniques to minimise disputes and maximise efficiency

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