MBL learn live: IT outsourcing agreements – Key issues & industry trends

  • 11/02/20
  • 13:30
  • Live Broadcast Session

Event Information

Adrian Sim will be presenting a live session providing a summary of IT outsourcing deals and the latest industry trends, including the key issues which arise in today’s deals and how to navigate them.

This 3 hour interactive session will explore:

  • What differentiates an outsourcing deal from other (technology) services deals including asset and people transfers
  • Key Risks
    • Structuring the deal: procurement and due diligence
    • Transition: the key practical risk area
    • Integration: looking at the entire IT estate
    • Exit: getting it right from the outset
    • Contract management in ‘business as usual’: with a focus on remedies including service levels and credits
    • Managing change: the lifecycle of an outsourcing deal, including technology refresh
    • Risk allocation: liability, indemnity and reflecting key risks into the contract
  • Latest Industry Trends
    • Transformation + outsourcing, including the prevalence of digital transformation and agile development models
    • Impact of new technologies on outsourcing: RPA and cloud
    • Multi-vendor environments

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