3rd Annual W@Competition Conference

  • 21/02/19
  • 08:00
  • The Hotel Brussels 38 Boulevard de Waterloo 1000 Bruxelles Bruxelles Belgium

Event Information

This one-day conference will feature a number of renowned and yet to be discovered competition professionals from enforcement authorities, in-house, private practice and competition economics, and will see a range of topics discussed including:
• Focus on non-horizontal effects – the new normal?
• Demystifying competition enforcement post-BREXIT
• Excessive, exploitative, exclusionary? Paid in cash or data? What’s the ‘right price’ anyway?
• Discretion and judicial review in competition cases
• Revisiting gun-jumping
Pat Treacy will be moderating a panel on “Excessive, exploitative, exclusionary? Paid in cash or data? What is the ‘right price’ anyway?”
For more information, see the W@Competiton website.