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Welcome to Bristows

We’re a leading law firm because of our people. We comprise world leading experts and support teams who enable us to operate as we do. The one thing we all have in common is that we’re pretty normal, welcoming and down to earth. So, whilst it’s an exciting and hard-working environment, we know that people have a life outside work too.

What makes us tick?

Focus on quality

Our lack of billing targets is one of the big differences between us and other firms...

As we see it, everyone’s better off without them, because rather than being under pressure to make money at all costs, our lawyers are free to add value at every turn.

That makes for a refreshingly conscientious, autonomous working environment, where colleagues can work to their individual strengths as they focus all their efforts on the task at hand. We think it’s a more human way to practise law. And for our clients, the result is work that’s always of the highest quality, never the greatest quantity.

Flexible working

A bit of flexibility makes all the difference, and with us you’re pretty much free to choose where you work each day...

We’ve all seen the benefits of remote working. It’s convenient and efficient. It can also help productivity, encourage diversity and inclusion, and do wonders for family and work-life balance.

But we need to come together in the office too: it’s where we take care of each other, build relationships and collaborate in a way that’s more powerful and rewarding. 100 Victoria Embankment is still the mainstay of our culture and success.

Our Flexible Working policy is designed to give the best of both worlds, enabling you to choose how and where to work based on the tasks and activities you have coming up. For example, most interpersonal activities are best done in person, especially if you’re meeting someone new. In general, you can expect to spend at least half your time in the office, although this will vary week to week. Your manager can help you decide the balance that’s best.

Size and scope

We’re by no means the biggest players in the City, but our ambition burns more fiercely than most...

It’s one of the reasons we’re able to handle the sort of work you’d normally associate with only the largest firms.

Of course, the breadth, depth and strength of our legal expertise is another. Better still, that expertise is evolving and expanding all the time. Our size and lack of rigid hierarchy means our people enjoy more responsibility, challenge and face-to-face client time than they might elsewhere. With all that visibility and variety on offer, there’s plenty of spice to life at Bristows.

“They offer professionalism with a strong people-centric culture.”

LEGAL 500 2022

“Partners will encourage you to leave the office if you're there later than necessary.”


Training contract?

“We have a mentoring programme for all trainees and associates throughout their careers.”