Knect365 EU Competition Law Summer School

  • 07/08/19
  • 08:00
  • Downing College, Cambridge, UK

Event Information

Covering all areas of competition law, this event is tailored to the needs of professionals who require a solid foundation in EU competition law and practice.

Now in its 21st year, this fully interactive conference spanning across 5 days, will help you master legal complexities and the practical challenges of competition law and policy. Guided by top competition law minds from across the industry, regulators and private practice, you will be given ample opportunities throughout this event to network with your peers and experts, debate contentious topics and establish a pool of contacts for future business opportunities.

Pat Treacy will be chairing Day 3 of this conference, alongside having an individual session on “Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: An Overview

  • Are IP rights treated differently, and if so why? – some concepts
  • How Article 101 applies to IP agreements
  • The application of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption
  • The Technology Transfer Guidelines – do they help?
  • What about Article 102 and IP?

Sophie Lawrance will be speaking on “Digital Markets, E-Commerce and Data: A New Frontier for Competition Law

  • ‘Big is bad’: what challenges do big data pose for competition law?
  • The role of algorithms in collusive practices
  • Innovation and competition law
  • E-commerce sector enquiry and its outcomes
  • How are the regulators approaching this area of competition law?
  • Review of recent cases including Google Shopping and Facebook

In addition to this, Pat will also be presenting with Edwin Bond and Matthew Hunt respectively, in interactive workshops exploring “Application of Article 101 to Vertical Agreements” and “Application of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption“.

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