Rapid reaction: InterDigital v Lenovo FRAND Insights on the decision of the High Court of England and Wales

  • 24/03/23
  • 15:30
  • Webinar
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The High Court of England and Wales has considered FRAND issues in detail again in InterDigital v Lenovo [2022] EWHC 539 (Pat).

In this OxFirst hosted webinar, our experts Sophie LawranceMyles Jelf, and Luke Maunder discussed the key arguments advanced in the case, the decision and any questions left unanswered.

In another landmark decision following Lord Justice Birss’ ruling in Unwired Planet, the judgment considers a number of significant but presently unanswered legal issues in the FRAND space. In addition to what would constitute a FRAND licence to the InterDigital SEP portfolio for Lenovo, the decision also covers:

  • the selection of comparable licences in a court-led FRAND analysis
  • issues of discounts for past sales; the relevance of party willingness to a FRAND determination
  • the usefulness or not of a top-down analysis
  • past sales and the relevance of litigation limitation period

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