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  • NH Hotel The Hague, Netherlands
  • Event Date TBC

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Claire Smith will be presenting a session on “key issues for licensors and licensees to tackle in IP licensing arrangements.”

This will look at IP licensing agreements and how to deal with any improvements that the licensor, or the licensee, may make to the original IP during the lifetime of the contract. It will consider:

  • the main issues and concerns from both the licensor’s and licensee’s perspective when granting and securing access to each other’s improvements;
  • different ways of addressing the issues, drawing on practical examples across a range of industries and considering market practices in different sectors;
  • the impact of EU competition law on improvements, including how to reduce the risk of falling foul of anti-trust principles and how these may hinder or help a party’s commercial objectives;
  • key things to watch out for in agreements – IP improvements “top tips and pitfalls”; and
  • the challenges presented by new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and their impact on the improvement provisions in traditional licensing models.

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