SCL Conference: Back to basics: the ‘tech’ of ‘tech law’

  • 19/09/17
  • 09:30
  • Bristows LLP 101 Victoria Embankment London EC4Y 0DH UK

Event Information

This session aims to answer many of the questions that seem too silly to ask. We assure you they are not! SCL has assembled a team of practising lawyers and technologists to bust through the jargon and explain how things work, without too much bamboozlement!

There’s a lot to cover, but we will make this event accessible and entertaining as well as informative – book now!
Morning sessions to include:
The hardware:
• what’s silicon? Is my computer really made of sand?
• what’s the “CPU”? What’s the difference between Intel, ARM and other chip manufacturers?
• what is the difference between RAM and a hard disk?
• bytes, bits and bobs (or should that be “blobs”?)
The software:
• from source to binary, and different models for compilation
• interpreted and other examples of non-compiled software
• is an “app” software? (what about a “web app”?)
• different coding styles / approaches (e.g. object oriented)
• different development methodologies (agile, waterfall etc.)
• “background” and “foreground IP”, libraries and frameworks
• open source – a 2 minute explanation!
Afternoon Sessions:
Fundamentals of the Internet
Networking fundamentals:
• topographies and acronyms (WAN, LAN and VPN)
• addressing (IP addresses)
• protocols and ports
• MAC and IP addresses
• connecting networks (leased line versus internet)
• servers
• networks of networks (the internet)
• RIPE / ARIN / APNIC, RIRs and NICs… the acronym quangos that control so much of the Internet. What do they do?
• peering / IXPs / transit
• the Domain Name System
• where is “the cloud”: other people’s machines, in other people’s data centres
• AWS, Azure etc.
• different types of cloud / configurations
Essentials of digital security
• what a firewall is/does
• PKI, PGP and other cryptography
The mobile bit
• handsets (IMEIs)
• the wireless bits
• the other bits
• the huge infrastructure that you never see
• the physical and software elements of the “Internet of Things”
And if you have any questions not covered in these sessions, something you’ve always wanted to know, please ask the panel during the interactive Q&A and see if they can help.
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