Bristows Legally Speaking! How to use Legitimate Interests legitimately?

  • 12/09/17
  • 16:00

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Getting consent will be tougher under the GDPR, if you can’t give consumers a genuine choice what is the alternative?

Many organisations are wondering if they can rely on Legitimate Interests as a lawful basis for processing personal data.

The Data Protection Network (DPN) has recently published Guidance on Legitimate Interests under the GDPR, which was made possible by contributions from the DMA, ISBA and representatives of some of the UK’s largest companies and institutions.

In this webinar some of the authors of this guidance will discuss the key issues and take your questions.

We will focus on:
• when you might be able to rely on legitimate interests,
• examples of where LI might apply
• how you balance your interests with the rights and freedoms of individuals
• how you communicate the use of LI to consumers
The webinar will be hosted by Robert Bond, Partner and Notary Public at Bristows LLP & Chairman of the DPN and Rosemary Smith, Owner of Opt-4 and co-founder of the DPN
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