Danish IT Association – IT Jurassic 2018

  • 13/09/18
  • 08:30
  • Mogens Dahl Concert Hall Snorregade 22 Copenhagen Denmark

Event Information

DANSK IT is welcoming the 19th annual IT Jurassic conference. This year the conference focuses on four different topics: Cyber Security, GDPR, Block Chain and finally IT contracts.
Toby Crick and Chris Holder will be speaking at this event on Thursday 13 September in Denmark.
At 12:25, they will be discussing ‘A General Counsel’s introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), what it is and how it might impact business’.
• How DLT fits in context or ICOs and Crypto: this talk will not cover ICOs, that’s a whole separate topic.
• Why adopt DLT?
• What is DLT?
• The Technologies Underpinning DLT
• Downsides of DLT
• Finding the “Use Case”
• Key Legal Concerns: “smart contracts”, data protection, competition law, consumer protection law, IP, KYC (but not financial services regulatory law and ICOs / crypto) – high level checklist of risk
And following this at 13:40 in Session 2, they will be answering questions on ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’.
For more information, see the Danish IT Association website.