Adtech in 2020 – A privacy perspective

  • 13/01/21
  • 12:30
  • Webinar
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Senior associate Jamie Drucker is a panellist for this webinar, providing an overview of Adtech in 2020 from a data privacy perspective.

Adtech seems set to play an exponentially larger role in advertising in the coming years, but as with all technology it comes with its own unique set of practical and regulatory challenges. In this webinar, our data and privacy specialists explore Adtech from a privacy perspective, discussing topics including:

  • What is Ad tech?
  • Social Media retargeting
  • How does RTB work?
  • What is the problem with RTB?
  • How can we solve the issue?
  • What is on the horizon?

For more information and to view the webinar, see the LexisNexis website.

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