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Digital media & computer games


As technologies and the various forms of media continue to converge, our clients are increasingly coming to us for advice that demands a multidisciplinary approach.

On these projects, we are able to bring a wide range of related expertise to bear – including online advertising, IT contracting, data protection, dispute resolutionIP and media.

Recently we have advised:

  • A leading provider of smart TV technologies on ensuring that its product complied with relevant regulatory requirements, including data protection and Ofcom broadcasting requirements
  • Two leading computer game platform manufacturers in relation to intellectual property and product liability issues
  • A leading international TV group regarding the distribution of its TV content via web and mobile channels
  • On the establishment and rollout of a cloud based IT Platform to enable multi-nationals to manage their presence on social media. This platform involved working with our client on the development of the platform with its partners and then negotiating end-user terms with global consumer goods industry players. The platform enables the end client and its brand and media agencies to monitor and manage their online presence across outlets such as Facebook and Twitter as well as their more traditional web presence
  • On the programme to roll out digital terrestrial television in the UK. Our team led negotiations with all major broadcasters, regulatory and multiplex operator stakeholders
  • A video game publisher in an industry changing High Court case relating to cheats and bots
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