We are one of the few arbitration practices in the London market able to combine deep experience in arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism with technical subject matter expertise.

We regularly handle disputes concerning pharma and biotech sector contracts, IT licensing and outsourcing projects, engineering and manufacturing contracts, as well as corporate transactional and finance contracts. Where the factual context of an arbitration requires it, we are especially well positioned to assist given our technical, scientific, regulatory and IP expertise.

We have extensive experience acting in arbitrations under all of the major global institutional rules, including LCIA, ICC, SCC, Swiss Chambers, SIAC, WIPO and ICDR, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations, and we advise on the full range of issues that arise in the lifecycle of an arbitration. We help clients to set up arbitration structures that work for them, whether before or after a dispute has arisen, and that meet their objectives, such as confidentiality, neutrality, ease of enforcement or the requirement for an expert panel. We also help our clients to manage or to renegotiate procedures involving multiple parties. We regularly use the Commercial Court’s procedures in support of arbitration, including obtaining injunctions, applications for stays and to address jurisdiction issues as well as failures in the formation of a tribunal.

Our deep expertise in SEP/FRAND disputes means we are regularly asked to advise on the resolution of global disputes using arbitration, including issues relating to the formation and interpretation of arbitration agreements, appeal and the scope and enforcement of awards.

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Acting for a Chinese SOE in the petro-chemical industry regarding a $150 million claim in a SCC arbitration for alleged breach of confidence and breach of contract.

Acting for a pharma company concerning a patent royalty claim worth in excess of £100 million in an ICC arbitration.

Acting for a multinational telecommunications patentee in reviewing options for proposing arbitration of FRAND licensing disputes.

Acting for a systems integrator in an LCIA arbitration, defending and pursuing claims along the contractual chain in a public sector project.

Acting for a pharma company defending an interim injunction claim in the UK courts in relation to a contract with an ad hoc arbitration clause in relation to trade mark licensing and confidential information.

Acting for a multinational electronic goods company in an ICC arbitration concerning the royalties calculation derived from semi-conductor chips incorporating licensed IP cores.

Acting for a multinational consumer goods company in relation to claims of breach of confidence and patent ownership in an LCIA arbitration.

Acting for a global travel accessories company in an LCIA arbitration relating to an alleged breach of an exclusive distribution agreement.

Acting for a California bio-tech company in an arbitration over issues arising out of a patent licence agreement, including rights to assign and the effect of IP infringers on royalty obligations.

Acting for various public sector bodies to advise them on their arbitration and dispute escalation procedures, including an accelerated arbitration process.

Acting for a UK subsidiary of a world leading glass inspection machinery manufacturer in an ICC arbitration.

Acting for a South African mining consultancy company in a Swiss Rules arbitration concerning the provision of state-of-the-art mining equipment to a gold mine in Kazakhstan.

Acting for an AIM listed mining and minerals company in connection with two arbitrations, one proceeding under LCIA rules and one under the ICC rules.

Acting for an AIM listed technology company in an UNCITRAL arbitration relating to a licence agreement, including a claim for damages of over €190 million.

Acting for a trading and brokerage company in an ICC arbitration regarding a claim arising from the failure to deliver up and sell on to a New York bank a US$50 million Eurobond Medium Term Note issued by a Dutch Bank and listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Acting for a leading software vendor in an ICC arbitration pursuing a debt claim and defending claims relating to the quality of its deliverables.