Data Protection Top 10

So, another year slips by since we published our last Data Protection Top 10. A year of working off our kitchen tables, laps and ironing boards. A year of closed pubs, not going out and rainy staycations. Yet, amidst the gloom, the year offered plenty of data protection developments to talk about; indeed, so many, we’ve had to squeeze a ‘top eleven’ into a ‘top ten’ by starting with an article that didn’t quite make the list.

As with previous years, the order of the articles in the Top 10 was hotly debated and the result of much analysis, guesswork and personal prejudices. We just couldn’t summon any enthusiasm to put Brexit and UK adequacy higher than number ten, and we also struggled with Schrems being number one yet again, even if his various legal challenges have kept many a law firm’s DP team busy, including us. For the sake of our 2021/2022 Top 10 though, we think we should probably move on to something else now.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Data Protection Top 10!

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