Data Protection Top 10

It’s been a busy year for everyone. For a team of data protection lawyers, working on a topic that may in the past have been considered a bit niche, it has been pleasing to see so many companies taking it seriously, some for the first time. Not only large household names and big tech companies one might expect but also smaller outfits where DP can hardly be said to be core to their businesses.

We hope that you enjoy this year’s data protection publication, the order of which has, as in previous years, been produced using an entirely non-scientific approach of haggling, discussion and arm-wrestling. It is, as ever, just a bit of fun but hopefully also informative.

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Want to know more? We’ve also recorded a podcast series, in which we expand on the topics of this issue of the Data Protection Top 10. Each of the six episodes features two or more of our experts discussing how things have changed in the data protection world since the beginning of 2020.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

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Data Protection Top 10


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