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Our team of artificial intelligence experts often share their knowledge and insights at events which are either hosted by Bristows or other leading voices in the sector.



Generative AI’s here – are you prepared?
24 May 2023

What a time to be (AI)live! (Part one)
25 April 2023

What a time to be (AI)live! (Part two)
25 April 2023

Regulatory trends in AI
25 January 2024

AI and the value in data
24 November 2022


Data Protection & Generative AI
In the very first episode of Bristows’ data protection podcast, Legitimately Interesting, data protection experts Hannah Crowther, Faye Harrison and Jamie Drucker look at the data protection issues surrounding the adoption of Generative AI.

Generative AI
In these two episodes of The Roadmap, our technology law podcast, we discuss the legal risks associated with generative AI, Large Language Models and Foundation Models as well provide some practical takeaways for those looking to implement these technologies into their own organisations. Followed by an overview of how businesses are starting to deploy generative AI, together with a practical set of tips for any companies considering bringing generative AI into their business.