Myles Jelf talks about the UPC with Managing IP

Europe is growing in importance for global litigation specialists


Myles Jelf spoke with specialist magazine MIP about the upcoming UPC system and how this may aid growth in Europe.

Myles, who is co-head of patent litigation at our firm, mentioned how US companies don’t consider their own jurisdiction as the automatic choice for patent disputes any longer, and the UPC means that they will be looking at European as a key litigation hub.

This trend may be attributed to the fact that UPC judges may be more generous with granting injunctive relief than their USA colleagues – and even if the rules are not completely clear on what the court will do in practice – Myles said he is expecting this to be the case ”except in outlier cases.”

You can read the full article on the Managing IP website, and you can find more information on the upcoming system on our dedicated UPC site.

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