Podcast: Agile methodologies – strategic (re-)thinking: Part 1

The Roadmap - Bristows technology law podcast series


In this episode of The Roadmap, our technology lawyers Alice Esuola-Grant and Vik Khurana begin the first of a two-part series on Agile. They address the shift to agile ways of working and the obstacles to consider when making this change in your workplace or with third party suppliers.

Part one is aimed at those who would like to know:

  • Why are Agile methodologies commonly used to deliver projects?
  • What are some of the strategic issues to consider when deciding to use Agile internally or when working with third parties?
  • How can you create the right culture internally and select the right partner for the deal?
  • How should organisations using Agile approach the next step of engaging the market?
  • How can you manage issues that may arise during the life span of a project?

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