Webinar: The what, when, why and how of data protection impact assessments

15.04.2020 1 hour

Robert Bond was joined by Simon Blanchard, Deputy Chair, Data Protection Network and Stephen Baigrie, Managing Counsel, IT, Procurement & Privacy at Balfour Beatty.

Across your business many teams need to know about DPIAs, especially when considering new technology and new systems. Sometimes a DPIA will be mandatory, but looking at the data protection impact of any new project can highlight risks before they materialise. This ensures mitigating measures can be put in place from the outset.

The ICO is warning not enough DPIAs are being carried out in the AdTech space. It has also pointed to areas where marketing teams should be carrying them out (in the draft ‘Direct Marketing’ code). For example:

  • large-scale profiling
  • data matching
  • list brokering
  • online advertising
  • tracking geolocation & behaviour

In this Bristows hosted webinar, they explored:

  • What? – The purpose and benefits of a DPIA
  • When? – When it’s a must & when it’s a ‘good to do’ as evidence of embedding Privacy By Design
  • How? – How to successfully conduct a DPIA for marketing purposes: the process, getting buy-in, key considerations, documentation, etc.

Robert Bond