A database of cross-border patent litigation know-how that provides an in-depth analysis of complex procedural and substantive patent law issues.


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Irides is an information resource built on decades of Bristows’ experience in handling patent litigation co-ordination projects around the world. With a broad geographical coverage that is still expanding, it is an essential information tool to provide you with practical guidance and strategic solutions to better manage your patent portfolio and/or litigation cases.

Simply sign up and access general information across global jurisdictions on recent cases, rulings or changes in law, alongside specific knowledge tailored to your projects that can be managed on the platform. Either way, access is quick and easy.

Irides provides you with proprietary knowledge compiled and updated by Bristows’ lawyers and trusted legal partners throughout the world to help boost your litigation strategies. All information is physically secure and stored on our servers, and, where appropriate, legally secure, through the operation of legal privilege. What’s more, we’ll send you a weekly email of legal updates for the jurisdictions you’re interested in.

Our offering

In a nutshell, the product has three main functions, but within those the options are extensive.
A powerful and extensive knowledge hub

An unrivalled encyclopaedia of national law and practice and litigation information across jurisdictions. It is compiled and updated by Bristows’ lawyers and trusted legal partners across the world.

Document repository

Your litigation documents, organised as you want them, accessible anywhere, anytime, to view quickly or download for further use. All information is stored securely on Bristows’ servers and, where appropriate, protected by legal privilege.

Project management

Oversee action items and task lists, including status updates, contact details and timelines, and manage competitor information and intelligence.

Geographic scope

The content - which presently covers all the EU countries, the United KingdomEFTA countries , Brazil and India - details the main legislation and guidelines pertaining to patent litigation as well as an overview of how patent disputes are conducted in each jurisdiction.

We will soon be adding other major jurisdictions in the rest of the world.

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Irides Weekly Update

The Irides Weekly Update is our round-up of patent litigation news highlights from around the world. Taking its name from the plural of “iris” - a nod to the ability of Irides to see what’s happening across the globe - we have shared the most recent editions below.

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