“Trust me, I am an algorithm.” Is AI the future of healthcare?

A summary of the debate we held on 16 November at the Royal Society of Medicine


Following on from the success of our previous Bristows Life Sciences Summit on gene editing, we hosted a thought-provoking discussion on the moral, ethical, commercial and regulatory challenges posed by artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Chaired by eminent journalist and broadcaster Joan Bakewell, and conducted by a panel of leading experts, the debate covered some of the most pressing issues related to the use of AI in the medical field:

  • What are the most promising applications of AI in medicine? And what does AI actually mean?
  • How do we address ethical challenges that arise when AI is used in healthcare?
  • How should AI be regulated?
  • What can be done to build and maintain trust amongst all stakeholders in the healthcare industry when it comes to AI?

To help answer the last question, Bristows commissioned a survey of public opinion, whose results were shared at the event. You can download a PDF of the white paper here.

Watch the full debate: Bristows Life Sciences Summit 2021 “Trust me, I am an algorithm.” Is AI the future of healthcare?

The debate confirmed that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise the medical industry. Whether you’re an AI developer stepping into the medical sector, a medical device manufacturer, or a healthcare provider in need of automation, we can help you understand how to deal with the key issues that your business might face.

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