Spotting IP issues in commercial transactions – the tools you need


Claire Smith conducted an MBL webinar focused on ‘Spotting IP Issues in Commercial Transactions – The Tools You Need’.

This webinar provided the tools needed to help spot key intellectual property issues when entering into common commercial transactions.

Based on the scenario of a contract for the supply of goods and/or services (including those where some development or customisation work is involved), the webinar explored the IP issues that frequently need to be considered in such a relationship – from both a supplier’s and customer’s viewpoint.

The webinar also drew on practical examples from a range of industries and discusses key tips and commonly-encountered pitfalls.

To listen to a full recording, please see the MBL website.

This webinar explores:

  • What IP precautions should you take before negotiations start?
  • Understanding the various IP rights that are at play in the customer/supplier relationship and their relative significance
  • Dealing with new IP that may be created in the course of the relationship, including:
    • The importance of dealing with ownership and the rights to use any newly created IP, in advance of the work starting (and the risks of not doing so)
    • Common IP pitfalls for suppliers – the dangers of giving away too much
    • Key issues for customers: what rights do you need to secure and what could you live without?
  • Key issues to tackle in relation to pre-existing IP, including:
    • As a customer, what access do you need to the supplier’s pre-existing IP in order to make use of the goods or services?
    • What are the main issues for suppliers when considering the grant of such rights?
  • Using third party IP in the customer solution: what to watch out for and understanding the risks
  • What title, non-infringement and other IP assurances should customers seek, and what might suppliers be willing to give?

Claire Smith


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