Journal of European Competition Law & Practice publishes an article on selective SEP licensing by our competition team

The article's title is: "Looking Back to the Future—Selective SEP Licensing Through a Competition Law Lens?"


The latest issue of The Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, March 2020, includes an article by Pat Treacy, Edwin Bond and Evelina Kurgonaitė, about SEP licensing and the apparent intrinsic conflict between competition law and intellectual property (IP) law.

Bristows competition team suggests that the two areas of law seek to achieve similar policy aims in slightly different ways. The authors list the key disagreements about how to balance the relationship between competition law and IP law, for example arising when the implementation of important technical standards requires the use of technology to which IP rights apply.

To read the full article, see the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice website.

Pat Treacy

Edwin Bond


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