WHO’s recommendations on gene editing: Julian Hitchcock comments in Nature, Science Media Centre, and Pharmazeutische Zeitung


Pharmaceutical law expert Julian Hitchcock spoke to Nature about gene editing regulation and the recent WHO’s Committee’s recommendations (read Julians initial thoughts here).

The article includes Julian and other experts’ comments on the document and addresses registries of clinical studies. Readers will also find the suggestion, previously raised in the 2018 Nuffield Report (of which Julian was a co-author) that leading CRISPR patentees agree to make licences conditional upon ethical use.

Julian’s comments were also noticed and mentioned by the German pharmaceutical magazine Pharmazeutische Zeitung, which underlines that while WHO’s recommendations are not binding for countries, they still set an important standard that legislators look at.

Science Media Centre also published the reaction of the pharma regulation expert to the recommendations. Julian welcomes “the acknowledgement that governance and regulation must be adaptive to the pace of technological change” and the “recognition that human genome editing is not the only emerging technology of importance”.

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