The UK AIPPI Council awards Sarah Blair with prize


The UK AIPPI Council has awarded Bristows Associate Sarah Blair with a prize for her contribution to the UK submission on this year’s Study Question on Partial Designs (more specifically, registered design rights in the part of an article). The submission will be sent to AIPPI headquarters in Geneva as the definitive UK position, ready to be pooled with submissions from other countries.
The AIPPI UK Annual Prize goes to a junior participant (who was 35 or younger at the beginning of that year) for the best contribution towards one of the 4 Study Questions. It is a competition which is often hotly contested. Sarah’s work was noted for its “exceptionally high standard” and received “a strong recommendation” from others working on the question.
AIPPI members will deliberate over all of the submissions from various countries on Partial Designs, and the three other Study Questions, at the Annual World Congress, which will be held in Cancun, Mexico in September 2018. A copy of the Partial Design Study Question is available at

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