Podcast: Open source – audit, valuation and deals

The Roadmap - Bristows technology law podcast series


In this episode of The Roadmap, our technology lawyers Anneke Pol and Toby Crick, discuss open source software and highlight the importance of being conscious of what open source software your business uses, and – crucially – how it’s used.

This episode is aimed at those who would like to know:

  • Why is understanding open source so important in a corporate context?
  • What are the two main approaches to open source audits?
  • How can open-source software affect a business’s valuation?
  • How is OSS addressed during the M&A processes?

Toby is one of the pre-eminent lawyers in the UK on open source, and a thought leader on the topic. He has written a chapter, “Corporate Concerns: Audit, Valuation, and Deals” in the leading book on the subject, “Open Source Law, Policy and Practice”. Keeping with the ethos of open source, the book is both published by Oxford University Press and available online for free here.

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