In conversation with Vint Cerf – fireside chat with one of the founding fathers of the Internet

A podcast series in which world renowned computer scientist Vint Cerf speaks about the creation of the internet, privacy and ethics, and the future of digitisation


On Monday 9 March, ‘father of the Internet’ and world renowned computer scientist Vint Cerf, joined Bristows’ Robert Bond for a special fireside chat.

During the live talk we learned a lot about Mr Cerf’s unique insight into the creation of the internet; his personal fight for accessibility and his love for a dressed-up look. Even if you’ve missed the event, you can now listen to the full talk and learn about the current issues surrounding privacy and ethics in tech, and Mr Cerf’s view on the future and challenges of digitisation.

You can listen to the full audio below via our podcast channel, we’ve divided it in easy-to-listen episodes. You can also download a PDF commentary of the discussion here.


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