Jamie Hatzel

Trainee Solicitor

Jamie Hatzel - Trainee Solicitor

I enjoyed studying law at university, but until my final year, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I graduated. None of the options on offer seemed to stand out. Doing a module in intellectual property law grabbed me though. IP is a unique field: it sits at the intersection of law, economics and public policy, and because it is closely tied to the innovative and creative industries which continually mould the world in which we live, IP is constantly forced to evolve as well.

Once I’d made my mind up that IP was the field I wanted to be in, Bristows was the firm that truly stood out to me as the place I wanted to work. They are consistently ranked the very best at what they do, doing the most cutting-edge and intellectually challenging work, yet somehow they also manage to maintain a sensible work/life balance and a deserved reputation for being friendly and relaxed. In the time I’ve been here, Bristows has lived up to all of those expectations.


  • BA Jurisprudence (with European Law Studies), University of Oxford
  • LPC, BPP Law School Holborn