Podcast: Full Disclosure

What you need to know about the UK government consultation on disclosure of transfers of value to the healthcare sector


Note: All information was correct at the time of recording.

The Statutory Disclosure Regime consultation closes on 16 October 2023. To learn more and submit a response, see the link here.

Episode 1: Introducing the Statutory Disclosure Regime consultation

Chris Bates and Vivien Zhu introduce the UK government’s consultation on a statutory regime for disclosure of transfers of value to the healthcare sector by the life sciences industry. Chris talks about the historical context of voluntary schemes for disclosures of transfers of value, while Vivien introduces the data protection implications of such disclosures.

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Episode 2: the Statutory Disclosure Regime proposals in detail

Jamie Hatzel and Vivien Zhu delve into some of the finer details of the Statutory Disclosure Regime proposals, including the scope of the proposed regime and the role that voluntary disclosure schemes could continue to play once the regime comes into force. Vivien also talks through how the Statutory Disclosure Regime should prompt some companies to consider whether their data protection arrangements are sufficient.

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Episode 3: the Statutory Disclosure Regime and the medtech sector

Chris Bates and Jamie Hatzel round out this three-part series with a discussion of the likely impact of the Statutory Disclosure Regime proposals on the medtech sector, and how medtech will have to play catch-up to remain compliant once the Statutory Disclosure Regime comes into force.

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