Find a Patent: Intellectual Venture’s searchable portfolio


Intellectual Ventures – arguably the world’s most infamous NPE with around 70,000 IP assets – has developed its own ‘patent finder’ site to “help customers interested in buying or licensing assets from [its] portfolio”. Is this the first step to patent licensing transparency? Or is it merely a reflex to the US’ impending ‘troll laws’? Either way, it’s a small step in the right direction – although it is also notable that only ‘the majority’ of IV’s portfolio is collated – why not all? Have certain ‘crown jewels’ or patents earmarked for litigation been withheld?

We can only hope, in the ultimate bid for transparency, that the remainder of the portfolio, as well as guideline licensing rates follow …

  • This news has also been picked up by IPKat, its take on the news is available here.

Kate Shires