2016/17: Data Protection Top 10


2016 was, well, an “interesting” year. In between Brexit and Trump, there was plenty of news (and a few surprises) on the data front as well. Technology continues to develop at an exponential rate, the tension between national security and privacy continues, and there appears to be no stopping Max Schrems. And of course, we’re now just over a year away from the GDPR. All of which meant we had plenty of material to choose from in compiling this year’s Top 10 data protection issues for 2016/17.

We hope you enjoy our list — even if some of you vehemently disagree with our order of priorities (there was plenty of lively discussion amongst our team as well…).

As for 2017/18, we’re already placing bets on what makes the list next year.

Please download your copy from our publication page here.