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Apprenticeships at Bristows are another path to success that we pride ourselves on as a firm.

Georgina Stapeley


Georgina has recently undertaken an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, Level 3 provided by Just IT. She is a digital marketing administrator in the marketing and BD department.


What were the main reasons for your interest in working at Bristows?

Through my research of the firm I recognised that there were good opportunities available, there were many chances to develop my skills through the apprenticeship programme and improve in my job role. For example, networking events, the broad range of people I would be working with, and the scope to take on more roles. Furthermore, the nurturing environment within Bristows was outstanding, from the initial interview I felt comfortable with the atmosphere and was excited to join such a friendly and ambitious firm.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?

I saw myself working in a corporate company, where I was going to be exposed to the best digital marketing opportunities, and be in an environment where I would be able to excel in a department I was passionate about. I was eager to be part of a firm that had a close-knit culture, which Bristows definitely does, and will support my progress and aspirations in my career. My team, and wider colleagues, were very encouraging and interested in my developments, which is really important to me. I felt I wouldn’t have received this level of intricate support in an alternative career pathway and I am thankful for my experience with my apprenticeship and the firm.

Another reason I was interested in the apprenticeship route is because of the feedback I would receive, I was aware this would be immediate and my manager worked with me to figure out what feedback routes worked best for us. We had monthly updates to talk about my progress and output of work, as well as immediate feedback on particular projects and opportunities to shadow my manager on wider schemes. This worked really well for me and, although this is what I had hoped for, I was astonished by the level of communication I was exposed to and supported with so early on.

Have your expectations been met through your apprenticeship and the role?

Yes, I was shocked by the quality of work I was completing and the value it had to my team, they really trusted my view and appreciated the aspects I wanted to share in meetings and projects. I was given autonomy which really pushed me out of my comfort zone and meant I learnt so much and worked with a range of different people. This initial period when I started  my apprenticeship was particularly exciting as my team trusted the work I was completing, whilst also communicating with me about my apprenticeship to ensure I was developing effectively.

Did you have any worries before joining the firm and what advice would you give to a prospective applicant?

I was worried about people not being interested in apprenticeships, as they were still uncommon when I joined the firm and I didn’t want my work and experiences to be devalued, this was the complete opposite at Bristows. Many people took a genuine interest in my apprenticeship, what it involved, and if the provider was delivering quality work. I would reassure an individual joining the firm that apprenticeships are a valuable and recognised qualification. The support at Bristows has been tremendous, do not feel that your work and opinion is not considered and get involved in all ways you can.

How did you find the recruitment process?

Recruitment for my role was an organised and intricate process, I applied and then attended an assessment day with seven other candidates. We took part in different activities, both individual and group, and then attended two interviews throughout the day. It was really enjoyable and it gave me a good insight into the firm, all employees were really friendly and the process was thorough and all ran smoothly.

I was introduced to the firm in detail, meetings were organised to allow me to meet the teams and a bit about what they do, people came round and introduced themselves which I really appreciated.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities at Bristows?

Yes, I am a member of the firm’s netball team, we play against other local law firms , which is another way to meet people from different departments and get to know them on a more personal level. Bristows really pushes for extra activities within the firm, they host lots of event and communities for all to get involved in. It is a very inviting firm and everyone is keen to collaborate.

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