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Apprenticeships at Bristows are another path to success that we pride ourselves on as a firm.

Jack Turton

Jack completed his AAT Level 2 Diploma in Accounting apprenticeship in 2021 and started his AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting in 2023. He is currently an accounts assistant technician.

Why were you keen to apply for a role at Bristows?

I was interested in applying for a role at Bristows as it is a well-established law firm in the life sciences and tech industry with a lot of opportunity for growth. I was aware that the firm had been growing which was important to me, there was also opportunities to branch into different areas of finance, I worked mostly on cashiering projects however I was also involved in billing and credit control projects. This gave me a wide range of knowledge early on and exposure to different types of finance whilst working with senior experts. Bristows’ culture came across strongly throughout the recruitment process, including the application, the interviews and the firm wide induction. I was confident that I had made the right decision. I wanted to join a firm that was going to support me, my progress, and my learning, my expectations have been surpassed throughout my time here and it is evident in the firm’s aspiration for me to complete my Level 3 apprenticeship.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?

I was keen to obtain a qualification whilst working on the job and I felt an apprenticeship was the best route to achieve this. My apprenticeship consisted of working with my team on the job and working with the provider BPP off the job in order to complete different modules, workshops and my learning hours. This was a manageable process with support from both BPP and the firm. My apprenticeship also allowed me to get on the career ladder, I was really interested in business and working in the corporate world, an apprenticeship was therefore a faultless pathway to this ideal. I was able to work on tasks independently and improve in the work I was completing almost immediately as I was receiving such detailed and fast feedback. The relationships I built with my team through having appraisals and working on projects together is something that I wouldn’t have experienced in another environment.

Have your expectations been met by the firm?

Yes, beyond belief. I was overwhelmed by the support I received and the individuals that I have worked with and continue to work with. I worked closely with the Head of Finance who provided me with frequent feedback sessions and assigned me work based on the requirements of my apprenticeship. This was extremely helpful and meant that I could excel in my apprenticeship work and build my confidence. My apprenticeship was an expanisve curriculum which meant I developed a deeper understanding of the broad range of accountancy whilst specialising in the more selective aspects.

Did you have any worries before joining and what advice would you give to a prospective applicant?

I was concerned about the transition from school to the corporate environment and I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t know how to interact with senior employees, write professional emails and complete my work to a high standard. However, Bristows’ culture, work ethic, and structure meant all of this went away. The firm’s flat structure meant I was able to meet those of all different levels on an equal basis, all my colleagues took a genuine interest in how I was getting on and wanted to support me in any way they could.

The advice I would give to an individual joining the firm  would be to throw yourself in the deep end, make sure to introduce yourself to everyone, no matter how scary it may seem, and get involved. I can testify that your opinion is appreciated in any scenario so participate in all you can.

Why have you chosen to stay at the firm and complete another apprenticeship?

Bristows offered me a permanent role after I completed my apprenticeship, which was the best outcome I could have asked for. I was confident in my role and wanted to push my potential, so I asked if I could go on to complete my Level 3 accountancy apprenticeship (as it is the other half of the degree with the Level 2 apprenticeship). The firm really supported my drive for this achievement and I was enrolled immediately. I have had the same experience with my Level 3 apprenticeship and I could not be happier with the work I am completing and the progress I am continuing to make.

How did you find the recruitment process?

I really enjoyed the recruitment process, it gave me insight into the firm which I really liked. The process was straightforward I applied through a portal and was invited for an interview thereafter. The line of communication was effective which again filled me with confidence that Bristows was the right fit for me.

What is the social aspect of Bristows like?

Bristows is amazing with their initiatives, the communities and the events they run to get everyone involved and familiar with each other is great. When I joined, Bristows’ buzz week was about to commence, this was  a week where there were a range of activities and benefits that the firm provided in order to get people into the office and get to know each other. This was the perfect opportunity for me to meet a broad range of people in the firm who I may have never crossed paths with. Additionally, there are countless committees who support different movements and welcome new ideas. I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues on a more personal level, which really improved my working relationships and reassured me of the inclusive and positive environment I am part of.

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