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Our approach


A firm of specialists

Our specialist lawyers offer an unusually deep knowledge not just of the law, but of the industries in which our clients work. A high proportion of our people have specialist backgrounds, including technical degrees, PhDs and time spent working in industries such as IT, telecoms, pharma and biotech. This extra dimension to our expertise sets Bristows apart and gives us a rare insight into how the law relates to our clients' businesses. It means we can quickly identify the key issues at play, even in the most complex and technical of cases, and deliver advice that will work in practice as well as theory.

Business-critical advisers

Bristows has earned a reputation for delivering the kind of resolutely commercial advice that is essential to compete at the highest levels of business. Working with so many ambitious, leading organisations, we are often advising on issues that shape entire industries and on which a company's future might depend. Whatever the question, Bristows' lawyers have the knowledge and experience to deliver clear, pragmatic answers when it matters most.

A partnership approach

Here at Bristows, we have always believed in the power of partnership, whether it is in the way our people work together or in the relationships we build with our clients. As a firm of lawyers we recognise the value of pooling our expertise to offer a broader, more effective service. As professional advisers we know that the closer we work with our clients, the better we can understand and advise on the issues they face.

This understanding inspires our partner-led structure and ensures that our partners take a hands-on involvement throughout each case and transaction. We also avoid internal processes such as billing targets which can get in the way of the business of providing the best advice. The net result of our partnership approach is that all of our lawyers' energy is focused on helping our clients to tackle problems and make the most of every opportunity.

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