Juve mentions Edward Nodder in its article about the Unified Patent Court


Edward Nodder, former co-head of the Patent Litigation practice, has been mentioned on the online magazine Juve.
In the article about the chances of the UPC starting with the UK in it, Nodder is quoted: “The massive rejection of the government’s proposed Brexit deal by parliament increases the chance that the Brexit process will just have to be lengthened by an extension of Article 50, because neither the UK nor the EU can afford a ‘no deal’ scenario”.
“If the extension happens there is an increased chance the German Constitutional Court will have time to approve the ratification of the UPC by Germany before the UK has left the EU. That makes it easier to start up the UPC with the UK as a participant.”
“If Germany will actually ratify the UPC at this time, even if it is allowed to do so constitutionally, is still very tricky to call. Germany could be less likely to press the start button now there is so much more Brexit uncertainty, so whether it ratifies in the current Brexit chaos is a factor pulling against the likelihood of UPC start up with the UK on board. But overall I feel just a touch more optimistic.”
Read the full article, “Troubled Waters”, on Juve

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