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Intellectual Property Enterprise Court


The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, formerly known as the Patents County Court, is a specialist UK IP Court designed for smaller value IP cases.

It has jurisdiction over all intellectual property rights including:

  • patents
  • trade marks
  • copyright
  • designs

The Court has existed since 1990, but underwent a radical modernisation in October 2010, leading to a considerable increase in the popularity of the Court – it now handles over 200 cases per year.  Its procedures are specifically designed so that all litigants, including small and medium-sized enterprises, can afford to litigate their IP disputes.  Notably, this procedure includes certainty as to the costs which might be awarded to the winning party, and which will be limited to £50,000.  The Court now also has a Small Claims Track, for claims (excluding patents and registered designs) of up to £10,000 with a very strict and limited costs regime.  This deals with a further 50+ cases a year.

For more detail as to the Court procedures see the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court Guide (July 2016), or contact Alan Johnson who is Secretary of the IPEC Users’ Committee, or the partner with whom you usually deal. 

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