Sam Harvey


People are often surprised about the possibility of a transition from physics to law. It wasn’t a transition I was aware existed until I began to research potential careers. I had enjoyed studying my subject at university, but my interest in a more commercial application of science directed me towards a career in a field that would be fast-paced, varied, intellectually challenging but also enjoyable.

I came across and developed an interest in the world of intellectual property with which the Bristows name is synonymous. From the first science and engineering day that I attended, I felt that Bristows stood out because it celebrated and championed diversity of academic backgrounds and recognised the potential for application of technical knowledge within the legal sector.

Bristows attracted me because of their reputation in IP law. It was a field that I felt would not only utilise both the technical knowledge and analytical skills that I had learnt in my degree, but also enable me to work at the forefront of technical innovation with sector-leading clients.

The firm’s profile and reputation as a friendly mid-sized firm with top-tier work, a sensible work-life balance, and an active social scene sounded too good to be true. However, the time I have spent at the firm has led me to realise both the truth of this and how unique a position Bristows occupies in this regard.


  • MPhys Physics, University of Manchester

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