Florence Plisner

Trainee Solicitor

Ever since watching Elle Woods in the closing scene of Legally Blonde, I have been intrigued by a career in law. Getting involved in the debating society at secondary school legitimised this interest, and I began planning my route towards studying for a law degree. However my burgeoning interest in Science, and restrictive option blocks at my school, meant that I ended up studying Science and Maths subjects. At this point, I thought I would struggle to get into law until my Chemistry teacher mentioned intellectual property law. After doing some research I realised that this was a way to combine my interests in science and law. I subsequently learned about the possibility of doing the GDL after University, offering an alternative way into the legal world.

Whilst completing my Biochemistry degree, I confirmed that a career as a scientist wasn’t for me. Although I loved the theoretical side and greatly enjoyed drawing upon my knowledge to generate solutions to complex problems, the realities of working in a lab (a lot of pipetting!) put me off. I knew I wanted a career which was intellectually challenging, but also involved working in a team and interacting with clients. Law seemed like the ideal choice for this.

Keen to continue to utilise my Science, I decided to apply to firms with an intellectual property focus. After reading Bristows’ glowing recommendations for both Intellectual Property and Life Sciences work, I applied for the spring workshop. During the two days at the firm, I was convinced that Bristows was the right firm for me. I really enjoyed hearing about the fascinating cases that Bristows had worked on and meeting many interesting and enthusiastic employees, and came away feeling that the firm was an incredibly friendly and sociable place to work. This was confirmed by the numerous social events that Bristows organised during the GDL and LPC, such as the annual Spring Dinner Dance and regular drinks evenings. Getting to know my fellow trainee intake has also been a highlight. We have become real friends and have already been on several holidays together!

Since joining the firm as a trainee, I have experienced first-hand how friendly and supportive the culture really is. I have been constantly encouraged to ask questions and seek advice, and people are very willing to make time to sit down and discuss the cases with you. The work has also been fascinating, and I have really been able to utilise my Science degree in the tasks I am undertaking. I am very excited to continue my training contract at Bristows and would greatly encourage you to apply!


  • BSc Biochemistry, University of York