Webinar: Is my health app illegal?

27.09.2022 18 mins

Health apps are an increasingly common fixture in app stores today, be it ovulation and pregnancy trackers, cognitive behavioural therapy companion apps, or general symptom checkers. All these health apps are readily available to consumers.

Although helpful for their users, many of these health apps are classed as medical devices and are therefore heavily regulated under UK and EU law.

In this webinar, life sciences regulatory experts Xisca Borrás and Jamie Hatzel provide insight and examples on:

  • What makes a health app a medical device?
  • Consumer health app vs Medical device – How can you spot an app which has a claimed medical purpose?
  • What are the next steps if my health app is identified as a medical device? CE Mark/UKCA Mark – 3 key elements and the risk involved.
  • The risks of commercialising a non-CE or UKCA marked medical device.

For more information on the work we do, check out our life sciences regulatory expertise page or get in touch with Xisca or Jamie.

Note: All information in the video was correct as of the time of recording – 24 August 2022