CLIP of the month: focussing on the UK generics industry


This month’s CLIP of the month is this Oxera report on the UK generics industry. This is an interesting perspective at a time when the CMA (like national competition authorities in other countries) is particularly focussed on this aspect of the industry (for example, there are open cases relating to liothyronine, hydrocortisone and prochlorperazine). Despite such regulatory attention, Oxera’s analysis finds that “the market mechanisms for the supply of generic medicines in the UK are functioning well” and that “the price regulation and market mechanisms that are in place in the UK are fit for purpose”. The Oxera analysis concludes by assessing the necessity for, and appropriate nature of, any additional price intervention in the UK generics market, noting that “any intervention needs to carefully consider the specific circumstance of each case to ensure that it is proportionate and does not lead to adverse impacts on the long-term functioning of the existing mechanisms in the generic medicines sector”.