We want to contribute positively to
our environment. We are always looking
for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
We provide information and assistance to the
firm as a whole to encourage best practice
and look at ways to promote a sustainable
way of working.

Bristows has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve our impact on the environment.

The firm champions eco-friendly commuting by offering all staff the opportunity to buy a bike tax free through our cycle scheme. We also hold our own cycle challenge to inspire and encourage cycling as well as taking part in the Transport for London Cycle Challenge to encourage a reduction in the carbon impact on of our journey to work. One year, we recorded a huge 2,431 miles which equates to 1,126 CO2 if the same distance was travelled by car!

We are also aware of the current decline in the bee population and are proud sponsors of a beehive on top of The Royal Festival Hall. To promote awareness internally, we hold an annual seed giveaway competition where we hand out a selection of bee-friendly seeds to all employees and select a winner after a summer of growth.

Our Green A-Z is available to all employees and sets out the individual and firm-wide actions we can take to “green” our business. Ideas are contributed by people across the firm and remind us of ways in which we can collectively make a difference, for example, by recycling office and home items, switching off lights and monitors and minimising our paper usage. We also encourage recycling of work clothes to support charities to provide interview clothes for those who are out of work.