As a firm we recognise that it is important
to contribute our time and skills (as well as money)
to many good causes to benefit our community.

Bristows takes an active interest in the communities within which the firm and its employees work and live.

The firm has continued its commitment to volunteering at local schools with regular groups mentoring students at secondary school and reading with year 3 pupils. The mentoring scheme is run at a nearby school in Southwark and involves members of Bristows mentoring students in years 9 – 11 to help them make their career decisions and give them better awareness of the working world as well as increased confidence. Both schemes are highly rewarding activities to undertake during a lunch hour and a great opportunity for the firm to give something back to the local community.

To give opportunities to the brightest individuals regardless of their background, we have been working with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) for a number of years through their Aspiring Professionals Programme. The programme offers a work placement with career guidance and mentoring opportunities to high-achieving ‘A’ level students from a low-income background. We offer placements to 5-6 students with an interest in science or law for a one week placement. Partners, associates and business services staff are all involved in providing a full programme to these students.

Corporate Responsibility has a key role to play in our outlook at Bristows and to illustrate this commitment from the start, we invite our new intake of trainees to take part in a volunteering activity each year. For the last few years, the firms trainees have volunteered at a local soup kitchen planning and cooking a necessary hot meal for those in need.

At a personal level, Bristows people are engaged in many worthwhile activities, including involvement with churches, cultural groups, school governing bodies and PTAs, as well as acting as charity trustees.