Digital Transformation Project Masterclass Series


Join us to learn the latest market positions, how to reduce time-to-contract and achieve robust agreements geared for success with truly practical drafting hints and tips, all from our team of top-ranked experts sharing real-world examples.

We have designed these half-day sessions specifically for Legal and Procurement professionals who work on buy-side digital transformation, IT, outsourcing and commercial projects.

Due to high demand, we have reached full capacity for the following sessions:

  • Drafting to Drive Commercial Outcomes - Thursday 29 February 2024
  • Contract Levers for Managing Risk - Thursday 21 March 2024
  • Dealing with Worst Case Scenarios - Thursday 25 April 2024

Masterclass Series Overview

Venue: London (in person)

Timings: 2 pm to 5.30 pm followed by networking drinks

View an outline of the upcoming masterclass sessions and the speakers below.


Drafting to Drive Commercial Outcomes - Thursday 29 February 2024

In this session, we will cover the following topics:

Leveraging AI, automation and innovation with Vik Khurana, Charlie Hawes and Anneke Pol

  • Leveraging commitments from suppliers to deliver genuine innovation in the service/function.
  • How to address continuous improvement and transformation and the associated pricing impact.
  • Rethinking traditional IP and data provisions to incentivise innovation, investment and knowledge sharing.

Managing suppliers during delivery with Chris Holder and Alice Esuola-Grant

  • Different ways to deal with liability and cooperation in a multi-vendor ecosystem, including the use of OLAs, RACIs and collaboration agreements.
  • Balancing a customer-friendly change process with something workable in practice
  • How agile software development requires variations to “standard” governance and change processes.

Commercial models with Toby Crick and William White

  • Guiding stakeholders on potential commercial and pricing models and choosing the best approach for each project.
  • The pitfalls to look out for, from quantifying and quarantining assumptions and their impacts on fixed price deals to making JVs and value in kind work.
  • Making gainshare, earnbacks and other incentive-based mechanisms work in practice.
  • Contracting properly for transformation, innovation, value for money and continuous improvement to extract it from suppliers.

Performance management to guarantee business outcomes with Chris Holder and Rob Powell

  • How to best use the range of carrots and sticks to drive performance, from SLAs and liquidated damages to “softer” but effective measures.
  • What’s market when looking at SLAs and service credits, including when hyperscalers are involved and novel service levels that support the business needs.
  • Taking a whole-of-project view of governance to deliver business outcomes.

In this session, we will cover the following topics:

Managing risk before, during and after issues arise with Adrian Sim and Daniel Owen

  • A deep dive into drafting liability provisions to ensure you are covering the risks you intend.
  • Closing common gaps in liability provisions including the interaction between local agreements and the framework in global deals.
  • Ensuring the business can hold up your end of the bargain and the practical impact of relief regimes.

Remedies with Vik Khurana and Rob Powell

  • Looking at proactive remedies designed to manage performance and deal with “issues” before they become “problems”.
  • Selecting the right mix of harder contractual remedies that directly address business risk.
  • Real-world lessons on what has worked well (and not so well) in practice.

Getting the end right at the start: dealing with exit with Chris Holder and Alice Esuola-Grant

  • How to plan for exit, when there is a lack of clarity about how the project will even start.
  • Ensuring business can continue whether it’s a planned or unplanned exit scenario including the pitfalls around termination dates.
  • Dealing with transfers of IP, assets and contracts

TUPE and employment issues – Gareth Wadley, Lizzie Field and Justin Costley

  • What lead lawyers need to know to avoid TUPE and employment issues scuppering the deal before it’s even started … and keeping your directors out of jail!
  • Building the business case and roll out plan to align with TUPE risks.
  • Market positions on TUPE to help you get to contract faster.

In this session, we will cover the following topics:

Gaining the edge from drafting with Adrian Sim and Vik Khurana

  • How to make boilerplate clauses work for you, including how to build in additional protections or re-balance without alarming suppliers.
  • A customer-friendly slant to drafting of other “standard” provisions staying within “market”.  
  • Approaches to “compliance with law” provisions, with a focus on the regulated sector and how they work on different types of projects.

Data protection and cybersecurity with Hannah Crowther and Charlie Hawes

  • Negotiating data protection provision beyond Article 28.
  • Ensuring your DP indemnities and conduct of claim language properly protect your key assets: clients and staff.
  • Tying together DP, security, cybersecurity, standards and audits to get the most out of your supplier and your liability provisions.

Resolving disputes with Angela Fouracre, Anna Cook and Wes Walker 

  • Drafting escalation procedures to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Which form of dispute resolution is going to work best for your business - from arbitration to expert determination.
  • Dealing with disputes on global deals or with foreign suppliers.

Dealing with troubled projects with Toby Crick, Freya Ollerearnshaw and Katy Gibson

  • When problems arise, how careful management of troubled projects can help preserve your legal position on worst-case scenarios.
  • What contractual levers to include and how to exercise them to get the project back on track or mitigate risk.
  • Best practice with change notes and settlement agreements.

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