Webinar: Protecting children’s privacy online – legal & ethical responsibilities

18.10.2019 1 hour

This DPN webinar, hosted by Bristows, will discuss the ICO’s draft Age Appropriate Design Code, the GDPR and other regulatory guidance. We will look at the duty organisations have to develop particular approaches to managing and protecting the personal data of children online and how far this duty should stretch.

The GDPR explicitly identifies children as ‘vulnerable individuals’ who should be awarded specific protection and contains provisions intended to enhance the protection of children’s personal data. The ICO’s draft Age Appropriate Design Code sets out sixteen standards for Information Society Services likely to be accessed by children.

These include standards surrounding transparency, data minimisation, default settings, Data Protection Impact Assessments and more. There’s been a degree of concern that a number of organisations who do not intend their services to be accessed by children will fall under the scope of the Code. The onus is placed on organisations to be able to demonstrate children are not likely to access their services, rather than just assuming they won’t.

This will be hosted by Bristows partner Robert Bond, who is also DPN chairman. Our panel includes:

  • Professor Andy Phippen (Plymouth University)
  • Debbie McElhill (Senior Associate at the Data Protection Consultancy, Opt-4)
  • Boris Radanovic (South West Grid for Learning)
  • Roberto Colizzi (Senior Counsel at Turner Broadcasting)