Webinar: Transparency – how to get the message across


Why is it so hard to explain how we use personal data?

Recently, debate has been rife about the COVID-19 App and the Track and Trace Scheme with confusion about what data will and will not be collected. This has resulted in misleading posts spreading like wildfire which have suggested that all sorts of intrusive activity will take place. The end result? Some people may be too worried to download the app, thereby reducing the efficacy of the Track and Trace programme. This got us thinking – Can it be different? Could we be clearer?

Partner and host Robert Bond joins fellow experts as they give guidance, tools and techniques on how to get this message across. Putting the needs of individuals at the heart of what you do with their data should be a top priority. Being able to openly and transparently explain why you collect data, what you’re going to use it for and how long you’re going to keep it builds engagement and trust.


Topics explored:
  • Why should you be upfront and transparent?
  • What does the law say about openness and transparency?
  • What other techniques can you use beyond publishing written privacy notices?
  • Who has managed to create some interesting best in class communications?